Hyannis Kennedy Legacy Trail

2. 1960s Main Street, Hyannis

Main Street, Hyannis in the 1960s was filled with activity. Shops were bustling, and supporters of John F. Kennedy, running for president, lined the streets. Since JFK based much of his campaign- ing out of the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, journalists covering the campaign stayed in Main Street hotels, and downtown area was filled with activity and commerce. The phototgraphs of the Kennedys on the Sturgis Charter Public School across the street, pay tribute to the family’s legacy in Hyannis Port. For more information on the photographs, dial the phone number below.

DIAL 508-244-4840 & PRESS:

22  for info on Main St. Hyannis and JFK’s Campaign for President, 1960s

23  for info on the Kennedy photographs located on the Sturgis school across the street

Main Street Hyannis in the 1960s