Tour The Trail!

Whether walking the trail in person or exploring the stops along our virtual tour, the rich history of the Kennedy Legacy Trail is yours to discover!

About The Trail

The self-guided walking tour begins at the JFK Hyannis Museum at 397 Main Street in Hyannis. (Map link here)

The walking tour is 1.6 miles in one direction, and takes approximately 1 1/2 hours to complete. It will take an additional 35 minutes to walk back to the start of the trail. During the peak summer season, a free trolley can be taken to make the return trip.

There is an informational sign at each stop. In addition, use your smart phones and look for the QR Tag on each sign access a corresponding audio-visual presentation.

This linear park trail was funded in part through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Gateway City Park Grant program. 

Woman Scans Info QR Code at Trail Stop

Take The Tour Online

If you can’t visit the sites in Hyannis in person, you can learn about the Kennedy’s rich history in Hyannis here, on line.  The information available at each of the 10 Kennedy legacy sites can be accessed to the right.

Find out where President-Elect Kennedy gave his acceptance speech in Hyannis and see the video of his address!  Watch Ted Kennedy speak about his love for the sea and connection to sailing in downtown Hyannis, and learn about the Kennedy Compound.  Click each stop to the right to learn information about the Kennedys on the Cape.