9. The Kennedy Sailing Tradition

One of the most well-known Kennedy pastimes is sailing, often from Hyannis Harbor into Nantucket Sound. JFK and Jacqueline spent many summers sailing with their family in Hyannis Port. U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy participated often in the legendary Figawi sailing race every year, racing from Hyannis to Nantucket with his wooden schooner, Mya. The Kennedy family boats are moored at Hyannisport Yacht Club, less than one mile from here. Visitors may wish to board a sight-seeing vessel to see the Kennedy Compound from the water. Boats leave from the Bismore Park docks.

The Kennedy Sailing Tradition

In Hyannis Port near Hyannis Port Harbor, you can still see Senator Ted Kennedy’s beloved sail boat “The Maya” bobbing on its mooring. It wasn’t just Ted and JFK, but many of the Kennedys that enjoyed taking to the waters in a vessel powered by wind. For many years Ted participated in the Figawi, the storied annual Hyannis to Nantucket Memorial Day weekend sail boat race.

Bobby Kennedy

Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, active in politics and the civil rights movement was born on November 20th, 1925 in Brookline, Massachusetts. He and wife Ethel, whom married in 1950, had eleven children. Robert managed his brother, John F. Kennedy’s successful senate campaign in 1952 and went on to manage JFK’s presidential campaign in 1960. His brother appointed him Attorney General. In that role he worked closely and confidentially with his brother, serving as advisor during difficult times such as the Cuban Missile Crisis. He resigned as Attorney General after his brother’s death he was then elected US Senator of New York. Robert was shot and killed on June 5th 1968 in Los Angeles, California during his run for President.